The best Vancouver gelato destination


La Casa Gelato – makes gelato even funner!

For all you Vancouverites, or any of you who visit Vancouver, the best experience for gelato is waiting for you.

La Casa Gelato is my favourite destination on a beautiful sunny summer night.  It is located in a surprisingly unusual neighbourhood in east Vancouver amongst an industrial area across from a paint manufacturing plant.

At any given time, they have 218 flavours to sample and marvel at from their 500+ collection of flavours, all made in-house. Some of strangest flavours are the most fun to sample:  garlic, strawberry & black olives, vegemite, chanterelle mushroom, onion….   and of course they have all the common favourites too.  They even give a free tiny cone to young children.

They are located on Venables and Glen streets and say the are open every day.  Treat yourself soon!  Oh, the joy of gelato!


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