Celebrating my 100th post!

Celebrate 100This celebrates my 100th blog post!  Writing this blog has been a journey of discovery for me since I started this in October 2011.  What have I discovered?

  • That writing a blog is technically fairly easy. WordPress.com is really pretty sweet. It’s free, unless you choose to pay for things like specialty look & feel templates, or other additional features.
  • That I had to ‘get over’ putting myself out there. When my meditation students kept encouraging me to blog, it took me about a month to get over my fear of getting into the blogging world. After all, I’m not really a big social media user, so how could I dare blog?
  • That virtually everyone that connects with me via my blog – whether it’s through comments or private emails, are with me in spirit.  These connections are uplifting for me, and helps me realize how connected we all are on this earth.
  • That writing this blog is also healing for me. It keeps me focused and connected. It’s like having an old familiar friend I regularly connect with.

Meditation and mindfulness is often discussed on this blog, because I see the tangible benefits that such practices bring to people’s lives.  It’s not ‘woo-woo’ stuff. It really brings more peace and joy into one’s life if one is open to it.

Thank you to all of you.  Every time you read a post, maybe gain an idea, some motivation or insight, that gives me a reason to keep on doing this.


Here’s to 100 posts!

8 thoughts on “Celebrating my 100th post!

  1. Congratulations on your 100th blog Wendy!
    There are many of us with you in spirit even though we may not comment every day. I have gained much from your posts. Thank you for contributing to my own healing journey – and for being brave enough to share your journey with us.
    I look forward to more Meaningful Western Life.

    • Thank you for everyone’s comments. I truly appreciate and value them!
      This is an important milestone for me, and all of your spirits help inspire me to continue MeaningfulWesternLife.

      Sending you all wishes that you find joy in every day of your lives.

  2. Congratulations Wendy on your 100th post. You have been such a positive influence on so many people for so long and have always found ways to reach out to others. I am so grateful that you have taken the time to create your blog. Although, I have not always commented on your blogs, I have always got so much from your willingness to open up this part of your life to us.

    You are truly blessed and are a wonderful person.

    Thank you

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