Look how my balcony vegetable garden is doing!

This is the first summer I decided to try growing vegetables on my condo’s balcony. I didn’t even know that one could grow veggies in pots.  I want to share with you how easy and successful it has been.

I started this on the long weekend in early May, so it has been 2 months now.  I was able to start harvesting and eating from this after about only 1 month. I wasn’t even sure if they would get enough sun to do well.  It gets an hour or two in the morning and maybe 6 hours in the afternoon, and that seems to be sufficient.

Here is the before (when I bought them already started from the store), and the after, 2 months later.  Green kale, Swiss chard and blueberries. Look at the fourth photo for a surprise!  Not bad, eh?

kale - baby and grown

Green Kale is a super food packed with nutrition. One of my favourite green leafy vegetables, this can be sauteed, put in soups or even roasted with garlic and olive oil to make ‘kale chips’.

swiss chard - baby and grown

Swiss chard is a common vegetable and easy to find in grocery stores, although I find many people aren’t familiar with it. It cooks very similarly to spinach. It has wonderful brightly coloured stalks in red, orange and pink.

Blueberries - baby and midgrowth

Blueberry bush – in the flowering stage, then as the blueberries begin to form! They won’t be ready to eat until late summer, but it’s really fun to watch them grow.

In the spinach container that the gardening store sold to me, there were several plants in one container. One of the plants began to look a little different than the others as they all grew.  Yesterday it sprouted a little green bunch of something on the top of the plant. My friends told me that if the plant started flowering, to cut off the flowers, so I did, then I realized it was broccoli!   The leaves looked almost the same as spinach but a little darker in colour (pictured in the left side of the photo).  So I gave the tiny baby broccoli piece to my buddha…

buddha with broccoli

My buddha with the gift of baby broccoli

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8 thoughts on “Look how my balcony vegetable garden is doing!

  1. I love this, back when i was in college i had what i can best describe as a window garden which consisted of various plant pots and planters suspended precariously by bits of string from my window ledge! Though these days i have a bit more room in my garden, however i think everyone should have a rooftop or balcony garden, they’re great for growing your own as well as adding a little green back to the world.

    • Hello Mary, you proved there’s a way to have a garden even if it is using strings on a window ledge! Good for you! It’s so much easier than I expected. Thank you for your encouragement!

    • Ha! Well, honestly, if I can do it, anyone can. It’s great to have this at my fingertips. I eat something from my little garden about once per day and it keeps growing and growing!

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