MBSR learning #5: Observe your reactions and emotions

Curious George observes

Curious George observes, image courtesy of Google images

Did you know that simply observing your own reactions and emotions is being ‘mindful’?

Become an observer of yourself, of your mind.

Just notice how you are reacting with intentional curiosity. Hmm…

The simple act of noticing your emotions and labeling them is being mindful.  Label the emotions – such as:  anger, anxiety, sadness, love, grief, etc.  This is building your skill to notice your emotions, which lets you start to put some space between you and your emotions.  Over time, with practice, the emotions start to dissipate a little and become less of a distraction in your life. This doesn’t numb you so you are an emotionless being, it helps you experience  life by noticing more and having things bother you less. It helps to keep the monkey mind in check.

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4 thoughts on “MBSR learning #5: Observe your reactions and emotions

  1. Short, sweet and to the point! I loved your post. It definitely helped me to remember to stay in wonder and just observe. I haven’t found a lot of blogs that I read regularly, but your blog is one that I often return to. Thanks for putting such great information out here!

    Love & Light,

  2. This definitely describes me and my introspection/extrospection tendencies. I came by the ability naturally (I think.), though I am sure that I had to learn of the idea “somewhere”. I have developed and honed this skill to the point that it has become second-nature. Almost beyond my own control. I fought for years to find a way to label that tendency, which is where “introspection” and “extrospection” came in. Those definitions fit best at the time…until now. I hadn’t considered that knack as being ‘mindful’. Either way, I agree…it’s a great tool if used in a healthy way. There is a fine line between being ‘mindful’ and ‘ruminating’…as I have discovered. wonderful post 😀

    • Hello!. Wonderful & very helpful comment. I’m glad you discovered this early in life. And I agree with what you said about a fine line between being mindful & ruminating. We don’t want to be obssessive either.

      Have a great day,

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