Commonalities in spontaneous healings

healed body

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A very interesting piece of research that I learned from Dr. Joe Dispenza while on his course was what qualities were common in people that experienced spontaneous remissions and healings.

His subjects of study were people who had recovered from health issues such as cancer, heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, thyroid conditions, pain, etc, when no conventional or alternative treatments had been effective.

First, it’s interesting to note what they did not have in common: they did not have the same religion and some had no religion, not ‘new agers’, not all prayed, they varied in age, gender, ethnicity and amount of exercise.

Here’s what he discovered they all had in common:

  1. All believed that a higher intelligence lived within him or her (various labels used such as divine, spirit, subconscious mind, God, etc).
  2. All believed that our thoughts are real – thoughts directly affect the body.  Thoughts produce chemicals in the brain that allow your body to feel exactly the way you were just thinking.
  3. All believed they could reinvent ourselves.  To become a changed person, they would need to rethink themselves into a new life. All made a conscious decision to reinvent themselves.  They asked themselves:  ‘What if….  I stop being unhappy, or self-centered, or a suffering person, or feeling guilty or unworthy?’
  4. All became an observer of his/her old thoughts. They refused to allow anything but their intentions occupy their mind.

Isn’t this list thought-provoking? This goes hand-in-hand with what Dr. Dispenza teaches, and my resulting experience to lower my high blood pressure so I am living without medication now.  I am living proof that kind of thinking works. Simply amazing and achievable.

9 thoughts on “Commonalities in spontaneous healings

  1. I love the idea of practicing the art of intention. As hard as that is it really does work. I have not only witnessed it in others but in myself and once again thank you so much for your blog. The support it gives is priceless.

  2. Wendy, that is why I linked up to Jon Kabat-Zinn, as he teaches how to deal with pain through how we think and react to it. I wish I could say I have mastered it, but when I hook up to one of the meditations and go through the mental process… it does make it easier.

    I am also trying to learn more about blogging and writing meaningful posts. Now that is a real challenge for me!

    • PS… I found that list most informative and it was definitely not what I would have expected, except for the last two.

      • Thanks Barbara, it is an important piece of research, Isn’t it? Thanks for writing. I always appreciate hearing from you.

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