MBSR learning #3: Think of your life as having ‘visitors’

I learned a really helpful concept in my mindfulness course – that emotions and challenges in our lives are visitors.  Things come and go in our lives, but often we may not realize that. When something is bothering us, it tends to become a focal point in our life.

If we change our thinking to seeing emotions and challenges in our lives as simply visitors, we realize that they are temporary. They may be here right now, but they will eventually leave.

For example, it can be a very small thing, like being on a bus and having someone who we find annoying sitting beside us. Think of the feeling of annoyance as a visitor.  Or, it can be something that feels bigger, like feeling depressed one day. Think of the feeling of depression as a visitor.  These feelings are not you, they are just feelings and are visiting us for the time-being.

Since I’ve learned this concept at the mindfulness class, it’s been rather enlightening to see emotions and challenges in a new light.  ‘Good’ emotions, ‘bad’ emotions – they are all just visitors who visit us, come and go, and are temporary.

monkey mindThe monkey mind makes appearances in your daily life. Being aware of the monkey mind and treating the thoughts like visitors may help bring you some peace.

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4 thoughts on “MBSR learning #3: Think of your life as having ‘visitors’

  1. This comes at exactly the right time in my life. It really gives me something positive to practice. Our life seems so full of visitors right now and that will make it much easier to deal with and hopefully reduce the stress level. Once again a big thank you for enlightening us.

    • I’m so glad to hear this is helpful, Grasshopper! Wonderful. I just love the concept too.
      Have a wonderful day, hopefully filled with lots of good visitors.


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