A Chocolate class for Mother’s Day

Xoxolat goodies

Xoxolat (‘sho-sho-la’) is worth checking out

I had a great Mother’s Day! My daughter and I went to a great little chocolate shop in Vancouver on Burrard near W 8th Ave, called Xoxolat (pronounced ‘sho-sho-la’).  What a treat!  We attended their ‘Chocolate 101’ class, where we heard about where chocolate comes from, how it’s made, and what makes truly great quality chocolate.

The best part was that we sampled at least 8 different chocolates – from 100% dark chocolate to ‘dark milk’ chocolate. The samples were tiny squares, about the size of a tic-tac mint, but that’s all you needed to savour the morsels and experience the exquisite tastes. We sampled really crazy ones like lavender, bacon, tortilla chips and chili.  My favourites were tortilla chip chocolate and sea salt/peppercorn which I couldn’t leave without buying. We then had a few different kinds of drinking chocolate.  Ahhh… to die for.

Xoxolat chocolate shoeXoxolat makes the cutest chocolate shoes, in a variety of styles, starting at $29 I believe.

It’s a little daunting going to the store because it’s so specialized, with unfamiliar chocolate from the best places in the world, but the staff are there to help you.

Tip:  if you attend one of their Chocolate 101 classes, it’s only $15, but just know that you are standing for the entire 1 to 1.5 hours as there is no seating.

The experience was well worth it!

And to me, Chocolate = Joy!   😮

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