Apartment vegetable gardening

With my increased interest in eating more of a whole-foods, plant-based diet, I decided to try growing veggies on my balcony for the first time ever.

This meant taking a leap of faith, because no living plant typically seems very happy at my place!  I guess I need to water them once in a while  😮

I am not vegan, but I’m near-vegetarian, at least when I cook at home. My good friend helped to educate me on how to get started, and I found this book Western Garden Book of Edibles to be particularly helpful as it has simple how-to’s for all the popular veggies, shows when to plant them, how to harvest and has great photos.

I didn’t realize that veggies can be grown in fairly small pots.

I decided to plant what I love to eat and are apparently easy to grow. Here are my garden babies:


This is a blueberry bush. It produces an amazing number of berries for such a young plant.

Blueberry blossoms

Looking close-up at the blueberry bush, the buds are amazing.

Green Kale

Green Kale

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard



5 thoughts on “Apartment vegetable gardening

  1. I also planted a vegetable garden for the very first time this year,…this is also a huge undertaking for me as I can not keep a houseplant alive to save my own life. So far so good, and I am thoroughly enjoying watching the new life grow. It is almost as amazing as watching a baby grow. I am starting to understand why people choose gardening as a meditation exercise.

    • Well good for you! It is pretty satisfying to see them grow. It’s amazing how quickly the growth happens. Last night was my first time harvesting from my balcony garden – I took some spinach and made a spinach/tofu veggie dip! Good luck to you…

  2. I have started with herbs. They are beautiful and growing well. Next I will pot some tomatoes…the weather here has been iffy though :). I love growing my own food.

    • Gee, Hi Cristi! Wonderful to hear from you. Apparently it’s harder to grow tomatoes here in Vancouver. It’s too wet and rainy here. My ‘babies’ are doing OK so far, so good. Herbs seem to be easy to grow!
      Have a great day,

  3. I am so impressed when anyone takes on growing there own food. Most people would be amazed at what one can grow in a limited space. A simple trough that is less than 12 inches deep, high and a length of 3 ft can hold quite a number of things. Big plus for growing Kale. Thanks for the plants by the way they are doing just fine.

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