Choices Markets puts on a great nutritional tour

Choices MarketsOnce in awhile, wonderful things in life do come free!  I just went on a Choices Markets nutritional tour, where Desiree Nielsen led us through a 90 minute inspiring and educational discovery through their food market. I’m now a big fan of Choices Markets!

Choices Markets is a wonderful, locally-owned market in the Vancouver, British Columbia area that buys most of their produce locally.  But wait… if you don’t live in Vancouver, there is still reason to read this post.

Choices Nutriotionist  - Desiree NielsenDesiree Nielsen is a Registered Dietitian and has a great zest for eating well. Sometimes improving our eating habits is really hard work, and Desiree inspired me and my family by taking much of the mystery out of being overwhelmed at the grocery store when faced with so many options and unfamiliar brands.

Let me share just a few things that personally inspired me:

  • Eden organics beansWe know that beans are an excellent source of important protein, but the thought of soaking them overnight then cooking them is a real deterrent for most of us.  Eating canned organic cooked beans is just as good and nutritious as soaking and cooking them, without all the fuss and muss.  Eden Organics is a good brand.
  • You may know that brown rice pasta is better than regular pasta, but brown rice pasta is rather mushy.  We discovered that organic corn pasta is a great alternative! It has the same texture as regular pasta.
  • ‘Tofutti’ sour cream is a great alternative to regular sour cream.
  • Barley and wheat berries are high in fiber and can be cooked like rice.
  • Most commercial breads are full of sugar and unhealthy ingredients. Silver Hills brand sprouted breads are good.

Here are some excellent websites:

I highly recommend going on the Choices nutritional tour – it’s time very well spent.  You can sign up here.

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