Become an observer of yourself

buddha shadow

See yourself from a different perspective

By watching your own thoughts, you can learn something profoundly liberating about thought itself. Being an observer of yourself helps you be less of a prisoner to thought patterns, which are often so strong within us.  Usually our thoughts are so self-involved and also just plain wrong.

Becoming an observer of yourself unveils:

  • how you react to situations and triggers
  • just how inaccurate your thoughts may be.  Can you validate your thoughts against fact?  For example:  you may think “Chris must really hate me”, but can you honestly validate that thought?  has Chris said those words to you?
  • how you are behaving

You can observe yourself by:

  • sitting quietly and replaying an event in your mind
  • paying attention to yourself as you are having an interaction – with someone, at a meeting, reading an email, etc – observe how you are reacting and what your behavior looks like.
  • labeling your emotions (this helps to put some distance between you and your emotions)
  • noticing how your body feels (are you tensing up? is your breathing shallow or stopped?).  Your body tells you a lot.

So be an observer of yourself. It is fascinating, because who is more interesting than yourself, anyway?  :o)

It is simply a practical way to be more in touch with the fullness of your being through self-observation, self-inquiry and mindful action.

Earth Day Canada logoAnd by the way, Happy Earth Day everyone!  April 22, 2012.

5 thoughts on “Become an observer of yourself

  1. The present western society is so bent on telling us who we should be. what we should like, how we should act… it is hard to know who you are if you do not make an effort to take that trip within yourself. While I did not practice Yoga for a real long time, that is when I first started to truely become aware of me and my body. My instructor, Pat Byrom, was responsible for that.

    Since then I have had an on again, off again practice of meditation and this too, is of great benefit. Listening to your body is so very important as you have pointed out. Your individual points are perfect. Thanks for a great post.

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