Don’t try so hard all the time

Trying too hardSince I have embarked on my journey to grow personally and cultivate more joy in my life, I have caught myself numerous times ‘trying too hard’.

If you too are on an intentional journey of personal growth, I imagine you know what I am referring to.  We tend to crave for ways to learn and improve.  We have an insatiable thirst for discovery and trying new techniques. We seek out others who share our interest and want to share our stories with them.

Being self-aware is a great thing because you can be an observer of yourself. Recently I sat down in meditation, on a day I was feeling particularly overwhelmed, and a very clear message came to me “Don’t try so hard“.  I immediately knew what this meant; that I need to slow down and to not over commit myself.  One of my weaknesses is trying to do too much and I wear myself down.

Meditation is a wonderful thing.  I often get messages, clarity and answers through meditation.  When I got the ‘Don’t try so hard’ message, I immediately felt a sense of relief. We need to flex and adjust ourselves with the ebbs and flows of life, and this means lightening up sometimes so we don’t put unnecessary pressure on ourselves.

Have a lovely day, and notice the wonders in your life.

8 thoughts on “Don’t try so hard all the time

  1. I got one of those messages this week – rest! So I’ve been less active, but soon I know I’ll be going strong again. Wonderful post!

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