‘Forks Over Knives’ film

Forks Over Knives film

A film that can give you the gift of better health

Every so often, a film comes along your path that affects your life.  This film, called ‘Forks Over Knives’ may be one of those films for you.  It has strengthened my desire to maintain optimal health by how I decide to nourish my body.

It is a compelling documentary that shows clear evidence that eating a primarily whole foods, plant-based diet as opposed to an animal-based and processed foods diet can control or reverse degenerative diseases.  This is a film that should be seen by everyone, even if you do not have any health problems, you will see how important having this information is to your life.


This film features the same Dr. T. Colin Campbell who wrote The China Study book.  The messages of the film and the book are essentially the same, and are equally compelling.  Get ready to be fascinated and inspired by either.

There is a growing awareness happening in the North American world about these studies and the importance of what we eat.  Spend the time to read the The China Study or see Forks Over Knives.  You will be thankful you did.

11 thoughts on “‘Forks Over Knives’ film

  1. Fork Over Knives feels compelling when watching it, but I’ve tried to look up those studies (like the cancer/WW2/meat one for starters) and they simply don’t exist. Also they use the lines “Whole Foods” a lot because the film was funded by The Whole Foods grocery chain.

    Last October I made a lifestyle change to a Keto style diet. I reduced my sugars/starches to under 100g per day (and even then, mostly in the form of fruit). My weight dropped by 10kg within six months, my energy levels were much higher, I was building more muscle, I could cycle further and I can go up a few more notches on my belt.

    I had a standard immigration blood test and my doctor said everything was normal including my cholesterol and my risk of diabetics (which he said was low; which is good because my father is borderline type-2 which is common in my family).

    I’m not saying it’s for everyone, because each body type is different. Some people are thin and slanky and run 4km a day and they tend to feel a lot better after high carb diets of 10+ bananas a day.

    But all the current research is showing that it’s sugar/starch that’s bad for you. That’s what causes glycation. That’s the process that occurs when you brown bacon. That’s what sugar does in your arteries. Cholesterol repairs that damage. When you have a high sugar diet, the cholesterol builds up and causes blockage. We use to think high cholesterol caused the blockage and that’s led to all these horrible cholesterol reducing drugs. But current peer-reviewed evidence now shows your dietary cholesterol doesn’t affect your blood cholesterol (for 3/4 to 2/3 of the population; depending on the study; and even for people who are affected, HDL and LDL change in the same ratios).

    You can have really high cholesterol and never get build up or blockage so long as you avoid excess carbohydrates in the forms of processed sugar or starches (breads, pasta, etc.). (Source: lookup Dr. Robert Lustig research. He’s got some good lectures that go through the digestive and metabolic process of various sugars).

    That’s not to say plant based diets aren’t healthy. You can be healthy on them obviously, but animals aren’t unhealthy. I eat a lot of dairy and that is known to cause auto-immune type inflammation in many people. But overall, the link between animal protein and cancer in the documentary Fork over Knife is totally unsubstantiated. Fats are incredibly healthy for you and the fats in meats are not very different from those in nuts.

    Carbohydrates are worse for you because unburnt carbs turn into a lot of fat, where as fat is an inefficient storage mechanism. If you force your body to process your fats, it breaks them down very quickly in a process known as ketosis.

    Every person is different and it’s best to define the food that’s best for your body type. Fork over Knife is pretty much straight vegan propaganda with lots of unsubstantiated claims, bad/outdated science and bad facts.

    • Hi Sumit, yes, every body is different. It’s hard to know what is right for yourself sometimes. We have to go with what we belief is right for ourselves.
      I’ve adopted somewhat of a whole-foods, plant-based diet, and also try to eat organic when possible.
      The ‘whole foods’ term has been around well before the Forks over Knives documentary, and also you might be interested in checking out the China Study, which is the largest study ever done about the relationship of food to health, at the time of its writing. It was the precursor to Forks over Knives.
      Thanks and have a good day,

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  4. I am sorry but I cannot agree that the film showed a “clear” evidence. Here are some of the film claims that seem very unscientific:

    The film has some good points but otherwise it is not based on significant scientific evidence/studies that would make it clear plant-based diet is the way to go.

    I think the best we can do for our health is to minimize consumption of junk food, eat less process food and lower salt/sugar intake. Also buying organic food is a good option if you can afford it. Overall keep good balance of everything.


    • Hi Zdenek,
      That’s fine. Anything ever published, studied or filmed will have its critics. Everyone has their own opinions on what’s right for them. I feel it’s compelling evidence and I don’t need stacks of scientific studies to convince me. How a study is done can be critiqued too.

      Even eating organic can be critiqued. And we all know of some people who eat terribly, smoke and drink and still live long lives.

      For me, this film and the China Study are data points, and along with many other data points and those whom I trust at InspireHealth have convinced me that moving more towards this like of diet is the right thing for me.


      • Hi Wendy,

        Yes organic food can be critiqued and part of science process is criticism and peer reviews. Nothing is wrong with criticism that has scientific base. But I think we can’t just make up stuff because we feel it sounds better.

        Once people start believing claims that sound good without good scientific research, they will start believing conspiracy theories, pseudo-science and pseudo-medicine that is practice by people like chiropractors.

        Yes some people that drink and smoke live long but that does not really proves anything except that some factors like good genes can offset smoke effects. Or are you saying that because some who smoke live long, smoking does not cause cancer?

        Human health is a complex area and that is why so many people make simple claims and even scientists get it occasionally wrong.

        The movie has some good points but I would do more research rather than depend on a few carefully picked studies and random

        In any case thanks for sharing movie that raises serious questions.


      • Hi Zdenek…
        No, I wasn’t saying that smoking doesn’t cause cancer. I was just making the point that nothing (ie, a strict diet) does not guarantee we won’t get sick. Obviously there is no magic way of living to avoid diseases. However, I do think we can improve our chances greatly by living and thinking in healthy ways.

        Thanks Zdenek for the conversation,

    • Great! I’m not sure how easy or hard it will be for you to find the movie, but I would love to hear back from you after you’ve seen it to hear your thoughts.

  5. We know that the movie cerainly made an impact on us. A few foods really surprised me. I wont give up my Sashimi but maybe less often.

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