2 more blog awards

It’s lovely to receive two more blog awards, and I’d like to thank these two wonderful bloggers for nominating me:

Very inspiring blog awardThe Very Inspiring Blogger Award from In Blue of makebelieveboutique.com.

Kreativ blogger awardKreativ Blogger Award from souldoula of soul-in-progress.com.

Since both awards have the same conditions, I’m going to combine them into this one post.  I understand that in receiving these nominations, beyond sharing seven favorite blogs, I am also asked to reveal seven things about myself.

Here are 7 other wonderful blogs I nominate for these awards:

And here are 7 things about myself:

  1. Being right smack in the middle of being an introvert and an extrovert is tough sometimes.
  2. This blog is a great outlet for me.
  3. I love peaceful buddha statues even though I’m not a buddhist.
  4. I love eating healthful foods but still need to learn to cook!
  5. I think life is about the journey.
  6. Getting cancer was the biggest awakening in my life.
  7. I secretly hope that more people will awaken, without having something traumatic happen in their lives first.

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