More from Dr. Joe Dispenza

I just finished taking Dr. Joe Dispenza’s ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ Progressive Workshop, the second level in his workshop series.  His workshops are not just about the power of positive thinking, they are about becoming aware of how your emotions affect your personality, which affects your personal reality.  His workshops go very deep, and show you how to change your state of being.

chandelier of inspiration

I often gazed at this beautiful chandelier throughout the workshop. It was sparkling and inspiring.

These learnings are not just for people who have deep-seated problems – this is for anyone wanting more joy in their lives and learning how to create this state of being.  I know many people would not understand this at first glance.  It seems like positive-thinking or just another self-help method.

I have never spent my own money to travel to a workshop out of town like this before, but it has been worth every cent.

The way I briefly describe his teachings are like this:  Do you believe your thoughts and emotions affect your life?  Do you believe that your emotions affect you physically?  The body cannot tell the difference between what is real and what your mind believes. Chronic and negative states of being create an environment in the body for disease.  So if you want to change your reality and create joy in your life, you need to change how you think and feel.

If you believe that your thoughts can make you ill (we’ve all had stress stomach aches from worry, right?), then do you believe that your thoughts can make you well?

I know that attending his workshops are out of reach for many people, so what I’ve discovered is that his latest book entitled the same as his workshop ‘Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself’ does a really good job of covering much of what he teaches in the beginner level workshop.

Gee, I wish I could get a commission from his new book!  I’ve recommended it to many people who have already bought it and really are benefiting greatly from it. To benefit, however, it takes work and practice. There are meditations to do.

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1 thought on “More from Dr. Joe Dispenza

  1. Its taking the time to notice the chandeliers in your life that so many of us are missing. I was told once from my father get your head out of the clouds, but I remember just knowing even then that noticing the clouds and all there forms that day made me so happy. I guess it was like your chandelier.

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