Becoming Aware

When I witness someone ‘becoming aware’ of themselves for the first time in their lives, I am truly delighted.

Becoming aware is awakening to how you are thinking and reacting to the world around you. It’s about observing your own thoughts and emotions, and living your life every day with intention.  In a recent course I took with Dr. Joe Dispenza, he said 95% of the population is ‘unconscious’, meaning not even aware of how they are thinking.  I believe this is true.

Particularly as I teach meditation and mindfulness, I see people become aware and awake, and they start to be more curious about their lives and their thoughts.  Such awakenings open up a whole new world of discovery and wonder for them, and they start to realize how limiting and negative their thinking patterns generally have been.

I am a life-long learner and am constantly craving to learn more about people and myself.  My awakening began a number of years ago, but accelerated when I dealt with cancer in 2010.  I often suggest to people to discover this awareness now, and don’t wait for something traumatic to happen in your life to start your journey.

Living life with awareness and intention changes your experience in every day life, and gives your life more meaning and joy.

Awareness can lead to many wonderful things – it’s there for you to discover.

Welcoming your comment . . .

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