In the face of life’s traumatic challenges

black cloud

when an ominous cloud hovers over your life

The main topic of my blog is about cultivating joy in a western society lifestyle.  For me, it’s fairly easy to blog about joyful topics because that’s how I feel and I’m on the upside of the cancer journey.

But when I hear about other people’s traumatic news and see what they are facing, it suddenly brings me back to the days when I got my cancer diagnosis, or saw my father lying in the hospital’s intensive care unit after a heart attack awaiting bypass surgery.  How can life be joyful then?

This week a dear friend came to me to tell me the cancer that she battled last year and thought she had beat has now returned.  If facing cancer once isn’t bad enough, think about all the treatment and recovery that one goes through and is faced with doing it again, not to mention the uncertainty of life expectancy.

I think I have decided to write about this to share with you a few thoughts:

  • Wake up, my friends, to the fact that life is precious and the duration is unknown. Don’t waste your time being negative, frustrated, jealous or egotistical – we are human and this will happen, but be self-aware and let things go.
  • If you are faced with a traumatic situation everything in your life will feel like it’s standing still.  You may feel numb. This is a complex time and too complex to delve into in a single blog post, but I generally see that having a strong faith in something really helps carry one through this trauma. Depending on your beliefs, this may be to God, universal source, spirit – whatever you believe. A connection to something bigger than yourself provides strength of spirit.
  • Life becomes about the journey. Life is about the journey.  Why are you here on this earth?  What do you want this life to be about?

When I faced my trauma, my journey became clear:  to cultivate joy in my life and help as many people as I can.

I’d like to ask you to think about what your journey is. Most people don’t know.  Don’t wait for a trauma in your life to figure it out.

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