Boost someone’s day

beautiful orchidsRemember when someone brightened your day by doing something meaningful and uplifting for you?  It may have been something simple, like going out of their way to help carry something for you because your hands were full, or maybe it was something more meaningful like a co-worker telling you how much they enjoy working with you.

It’s so simple to do, but have you boosted someone’s day recently?  I mean doing something noticeably meaningful, not just a kind comment like ‘that outfit looks great on you’.

Here are some ideas:

  • Really grab the attention of someone you speak to often – maybe it’s your co-worker, your friend, your significant other, your daughter – halt your conversation and say “I want to tell you something”, look her straight in the eye, and say something meaningful. Such as:  tell her why she is important in your life, or what she is doing that’s making a positive difference. Doing this in a fashion that is atypical to how you normally interact will capture her attention and make her take notice.
  • Choose someone that looks sad or weary.  Make them laugh.
  • Tell a someone who has provided you with good service how much you appreciated their service and that it made your day.
  • Help out a stranger – offer to someone with a small purchase to jump in line before you at the grocery store. Offer to help someone who looks lost. Smile.
  • Say ‘hello’ as you pass by someone walking along a sidewalk.

Living in a busy western society,  I sure notice that the bigger the city is, the less personable people appear to be. Living in Vancouver, British Columbia, people generally ignore each other while walking down the street, and drivers are largely inconsiderate, so when someone behaves in a friendly way, I certainly notice and appreciate it.

Just like the saying, ‘if you want peace in the world, start by making peace in your own life first’.  So boost someone’s day every day, and allow it to come back to you. Notice how usually the person smiles and sends the positive energy right back at you.

7 thoughts on “Boost someone’s day

  1. excellently put. people in bigger cities certainly need to smile more & have people smile at them more…we tried smiling at total strangers here in Bombay, & about 99% of them looked shocked & didn’t know how to react. Sad!! God bless & love always…

  2. This is what I love about my present job. Our classroom reaches out to all those who are not able to seek new skills through the regular college set-up. It is indeed a special moment to see their reaction, their self confidence bloom, as they progress in their studies. If only this idea of helping each other was in everyone’s game plan… unlike most of which we see today across the globe.

  3. This IS a good post, Wendy. And the great thing about what you are suggesting is — in addition to spreading kindness around you — that you get to feel good about yourself, at least a little bit. We can’t influence the world, but each of us can “let it begin with me.”

    I have a Japanese friend, a gentleman who enjoyed instructing me about Japanese culture. I’m not sure my favorite instruction from him was actually cultural, maybe just his personal behavior! He told me there is special happiness derived from daily (1) doing a good deed secretly for another person and then (2) not telling the person or anyone else what you have done. Hard to resist! He stressed that if your favor is discovered, you are still on the hook for that day’s deed! I thought this was charming at the time but have since learned there is something powerful in disciplining yourself in this way … becoming aware of your capacity for goodness. Note the word “capacity” since achieving it is probably more of a lifetime endeavor!

    Thanks for the thoughtful subject matter.

    • Thanks for all the great comments everyone!
      Margaret… a VERY interesting thing you mentioned about your friend suggesting not to tell anyone about the good deed you’ve done. That’s a very intriguing and challenging concept. This means doing a something for someone without the ego involved, which I think is a whole new level of what we are discussing in this post. Makes me go ‘hmmm’!

  4. This is a great post. Love that people actually think about these things. In the society we live in, it’s hard to come across people who are genuinely kind. Doing small things, like you said, can really show that we are not a degrading society. Keep up the good work I’m impressed

    • Thanks so much. I always appreciate it when someone is genuinely kind and cares about making this world a better place. Too often people are negative. Appreciate your comment! thanks.

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