Change your thoughts, change your world

Monkey Mind - sock monkey

We need to catch our Monkey Mind when it replays the past and manufactures the future.

We are what we think.  Do you agree?

The thoughts we think all throughout the day create our reality.  Sometimes if we are unaware of our thoughts, we don’t even realize how much our thoughts are not even real.

We think about the past – and even then, it is our own perception of the past.  Think about how many times you’ve been to a gathering or meeting, and how many different opinions and recollections of what was discussed resulted.  Everyone experiences life with their own unique filters – so what is truly reality?

We think about the future – we create scenarios in our mind of what may happen, what people might be thinking, and it’s mostly really useless thoughts.

So getting back to the question:  “We are what we think. Do you agree?”  If we constantly think we aren’t doing a good enough job, that others must be doubting our abilities, that we’re not ‘enough’ – this creates our own reality and we live in this world that we create in our own minds.  We inflict stress on ourselves.

So what’s the punchline?  How can you change your reality?

It takes intention.  This is the work of mindfulness, and validating your thoughts – are your thoughts manufactured or can they be truly validated?  Validating your thoughts means to ask if there is factual evidence – for example:  Are you doing a bad job?  What evidence supports that thought, has anyone told you that? Or is it something you are projecting onto yourself?

Practice validating. Check your thoughts.  You may find this practice very liberating.

11 thoughts on “Change your thoughts, change your world

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  2. Byron Katie encouages you to challenge everu belief or situation, 1 is it true, 2 is it really really true 3 how does it make you feel 4 how would you be without that feeling? Most beliefs are made at a young age to survive, so we, actually I have a 6 year old running my life, not good in most situations, very reactionary.

  3. Thoughts appear to be the necessary exercising of the mind by true nature itself’. I do like the phrase — the mind is a great servant but poor master, so I’m comfortable thinking thoughts can be an essential tool of the collection of particles we call a body, similiar to our hands which raise food to our mouths, thoughts do come in handy, though lets not mistake them for who we are. I enjoyed your post.

  4. I agree totally! It is our thoughts that determine what our decisions will be.If there is fear or doubt, that determines our actions If there is anger, a person reacts in anger…”The thought manifests as the word;” Therefore it is important to find and develop inner peace, a way to soothe the rough emotions and reactions we find within ourselves.

  5. I think of thoughts about self as being like stories—stories I tell to or about myself, stories others tell to or about themselves. Sometimes, just recognizing that I am accepting as reality an unhelpful story I’ve been telling myself is enough for me to drop the story. Other times, I find it helps if i tell a new more helpful story. Are stories real? Are stories illusory? I only know that stories are powerful, and that humans like to tell stories.

  6. The thought manifests as the word;
    The word manifests as the deed;
    The deed develops into the habit;
    Habit hardens into the character;
    Character gives birth to the destiny
    So, watch your thoughts with care,
    And let it spring from love
    Born out of respect for all beings…

    Venerable Maha Ghosananda

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