‘Sad’ seems popular right now

sad pathWithout question, the most viewed blog post I’ve written to date is entitled “Prepare ahead for the sad times”.  The fact that this has been viewed 657 times since I posted it only 17 days ago begs the question:  Why is this one the most popular?

Perhaps it’s the time of year – they say that the January to March period is when people get down with it being winter, shorter days and no statutory holidays.  Perhaps it’s because all the stress & excitement of Christmas is over so it’s a time of feeling down.  Perhaps it’s just that life is hard and really kind of sucks a lot?

I find it interesting to think that human nature is mostly negative rather than positive. We automatically spend our time focusing on problems than thinking about why things have worked so well. It is sometimes hard to be positive, so I try to give myself permission to be angry and negative from time to time.

I’d like to hear your comments if you wish to leave one. Remember that when you leave a comment, you don’t have to put your full or real name, so feel free to be truly open and honest.

3 thoughts on “‘Sad’ seems popular right now

  1. I think we are able to sense into what the future holds and I think tough times are coming, probably when we need to be the most prepared emotionally, physically and spiritually.

  2. Sadness is a real part of life. Not allowing ourselves or others to express this in the mode of their living is unhealthy. It builds up until it overwhelms.

    • Yes, I agree entirely. Often times people misinterpret ‘being strong’ and believing that meditation means having a blissful life and not experiencing the range of what we think of as ‘negative’ emotions. Thanks very much for your comment.

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