Amongst Guns and Ammo

You might think this post’s title found its way onto the wrong blog!

I have to write about the what western society offers up to us, and the dilemma of how we make our choices about it.  Have a look at this photo.  I took this photo in Bellevue, Washington a few months ago.  Spend a quality moment looking at it.  What do you see?  The red ‘Guns & Ammo’ sign? How does it make you feel?

Guns and Ammo

A western society snapshot

At the time I took this shot, I was sitting in the car at a stoplight, and thought “wow, is this what western society is all about?”.  Maybe you see:

  • A man holding a sign to advertise his Guns & Ammo shop to the cars driving by.
  • An unhealthy looking man.
  • 3 women enjoying time together in the sunshine.
  • The iconic Microsoft logo on the building in the background.

Personally, when I took this photo, I felt sickened. It was alarming to me, especially being a Canadian, to see blatant advertising for guns and ammunition.

This is a tough subject.  We can turn a blind eye to the mindless ego-based living that we see around us everyday – or, maybe I’m imposing my views on you.  Maybe you don’t see this as a problem at all, but I sure do.

Although it makes me feel sick, and momentarily brings me down to think this goes on in the world, I remain conscious in my choices in how I think and live.  I recognize this exists, and make my choices to live differently than this.

Compelling food for thought, isn’t it.

2 thoughts on “Amongst Guns and Ammo

  1. Hi Wendy!!!

    Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Dragon, the most powerful and spiritual animal of the Chinese Zodiac.

    I`ve always found it interesting that the Chinese Zodiac starts with a Mouse, and ends with a Pig, both of which are not best known for their strength nor their intellegence. Yet the Mouse possess the underground world, and we rely much on pork for our daily food supply. In other words, the Chinese Zodiac starts with that which signifies a humble presence and ends with that which provides great value to other beings.

    I love your blog. Especially the pictures (whether are of you or not). They seem so peaceful and content. I think being `content` is quite different from being `satisfied`; the latter has much to do with one`s objective material achievements, while the former is rather a mental state.

    One of my favourite quotation is that `May Lord grants me the courage to change the things I can, the patientce to accept the things I can`t, and the wisdom to differenciate both`. I really believe that as a person succeed in doing those three things, that person can be content with their being, with themselves.

    Haha, that`s my two-cents! Again happy Chinese New Year to you and your family!



  2. I think that there are just certain aspects of American culture that produce this. One aspect is the role that fear plays in the American psyche. When you make people afraid they will generally think and act in a way to protect themselves. I honestly think that most Americans who buy guns do so because they are afraid and want protection, or if you mapped fear and gun ownership they would strongly correlate. Add to this the constitutional right to bear arms, which is sometimes interpreted as a duty to bear arms along with hyperviolent movies and video games that glorify guns and it isn’t so surprising anymore. I think this is just a product of a particular culture. You never see this in most of the other countries in the world.

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