The Gift of Goat

Now that it is post-Christmas and Canada is busy looking out for Boxing Day Sales (called ‘After Christmas Sales’ in the U.S.) seeing what deals can be found on electronics, clothes, etc, I am reminded how much we westerners have.  Let’s all try to remember to help those in need, whether it is locally in your community or around the world.

The Gift of a Goat

A meaningful gift - The Gift of a Goat (Photo courtesy of Plan Canada)

Before Christmas we donated money to Plan Canada so a goat could be purchased for a needy family.  What a unique way to give – a family will have the milk for nourishment and the potential of income from selling the milk. The cost was only $75 to me as other donating organizations match my gift to purchase the goat.

There were many other gift ideas and price points, such as a anti-malaria bed net for $30, a mango tree for $12, baby chicks for $15, or Literacy training for 2 women for $120.

We have been sponsoring a little girl who is mute from the Dominican Republic for over 10 years, and Plan Canada (previously was called ‘Foster Parents Plan’) has done an amazing job, administering everything very smoothly.

So I thought I would share this in the hope that maybe you would comment on how you have helped someone or a charity recently, or perhaps even consider donating to Plan Canada for one of these unique gifts. Click on Plan Canada, and select ‘Give a Gift of Hope’ to see all the options.

6 thoughts on “The Gift of Goat

  1. One of our favorite organizations for humanitarian aid is which does globally what Plan Canada does in your country. It is also starting a USA program. There are different donation levels which are signified by the gift given … chicks, ducks, geese, a goat, a cow, a hive of bees … many live gifts that “keep giving” to the family in the form of food to eat and food to sell. There are also projects such as assuring clean water, setting up a school, teaching skills. An additional facet of the program is that the family is required to “pay it forward” and gift other families with animals or product. Whole villages have been transformed in this way. Check out when you have time … in my opinion, this 65-year-old institution has got it right!

    Various churches offer ways to help those who have difficulty helping themselves. One of our favorite things is to do as Zdenek does and support students in pursuing their education. We did so for pairs of Indian students for a number of years through an Indian Catholic priest. We also added support for four Haitian students in our twin parish in Saltadere … and gifted that support to family members at Christmas. Children love such gifts and grow to understand compassion and charity in this way.

    Wendy, you are right that we westerners have so much, too much, and sharing is a moral obligation. Thanks for the reminder! And thanks for the opportunity to notify each other of some different ways available to do that.

    • Margaret – wow, thank you for sharing about how you give! I hadn’t heard of; it looks like a great organization. You’re right, we westerners do have a lot and most of the time don’t realize it. I hope this post and seeing the wonderful comments sparks more action for giving. Thanks for sharing this, Margaret!

  2. I commend you both for what you are doing…on a larger scale by far that what I am doing.. I feel very strongly that if we do not look out for our fellow man …we are then not looking after ourselves either, as we are one…so what effects one effects us all in some way or other.
    I choose to look closer to home, to my own community. We find a family, who has hit a slump, be it through illness, accident, loss of a job or whatever…someone who is really doing everything they can if it is not illness or an accident to better there position. My husband and I went through a rough time and it was a very demeaning place to be, and very hard because it was Christmas…so we choose to pay forward…We this Christmas had a family with 3 children and another on the way, We get them a turkey, ham, 20 lbs potatoes 10 lbs carrots, all the fixings, bread, butter, peanut butter, jam, milk, you name it laundry soap, dish soap and it will keep them going for a while. We do not meet them it is not about that…its about looking after our brothers and sisters….

  3. I think giving is what life is about i.e. helping less fortunate people, esp. children to have abetter life. We sometimes forget how lucky we are to be born in a great country with basic life needs taken care of. =)

    My family also sponsors a child in Dominican Republic ! I am teaching my daughter about helping others and she now corresponds with that girl. I am hopping to meet her family one day and perhaps help her to go to University.

    I also help the following organizations: – to keep free world wide encyclopedia running – to keep the Internet free and open
    Canadian Women for Women in Afghanistan – to help women in a place most hostile to women’s rights – is amazing organization where I loan money to students in developing countries. The great thing about this is that after the student repays their loan (about 98.5% repayment rate) then I can lend the money again and again!; – organizations through which you can also lean people money so that they can setup a small shop or a small business and support their family. Again you can re-loan it again and again.

    I think it would be great if we get use to donate on regular basis. It would make the world much happier place I think. This will not only benefit the poor people but also it will indirectly benefit us since poor people and children will be able start a path to prosperity with ability to prevent wars and dictators to run their countries and themselves help others.


    • Wow! That is terrific zdenek! Thanks for sharing such great ways to help others. What a coincidence that we both sponsor girls in the Dominican republic! It’s people like you who make this a better world.

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