What do you experience during meditation?

I never tire of people telling me about what they experience during a meditation session.  It’s fascinating and intriguing, and one cannot help but try to analyze what the experience meant.

I want to share with you some of the experiences I’ve heard about from my meditation students.

Certainly, the most common experiences are relaxation, a sense of peace & calm and joy, but here are some rather interesting ones:

  • colours and shapes, that morph during the session
  • faces flashing in front of you in rapid succession
  • heat or cold
  • an image of a baby in the womb, your body rocking from side to side
  • sudden clarity to a problem or decision
  • surprisingly deep emotions
  • teary-eyed, sadness
  • anxiety
  • while meditating on Gratitude and Peace, a lovely feeling of spreading these out to the world, but while meditating on Love, this feeling got stuck inside and would not spread outwards.  This meditator believed this was an indication of a lack of self-love, and will be working on developing a sense of acceptance and love for herself.

What was that?

So when something happens during meditation that makes you think ‘what was THAT?’, it is worthwhile contemplating on this for yourself. Many people ask me about their experiences, and I can usually help him/her decipher what they could mean.

Every meditation is special and unique. Go into each session with no expectations. Have an attitude of an explorer.  Be curious and observe your mind.  Fascinating, isn’t it?

If you have an interesting experience to share, please comment. I’d love to hear from you!

2 thoughts on “What do you experience during meditation?

  1. Often answers to problems are very clearly solved when I shut off my mind. I usually see colours and images. I used to see them very clearly when I was a child – they were so vivid I used to ask them to stop because I couldn’t get to sleep!
    I mostly like the feeling of weight being lifted from my head, as my mind is constantly going and going. It’s good to get it to shut up at times 🙂

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