The Joy of Yoga

Experience the joy of yoga

Experience the joy of yoga

So, have you joined the yoga revolution yet?  In our western society, you probably have noticed that yoga has exploded and become mainstream in recent years.

Yoga has become an important part of my life, and I’d like to share with you why yoga was something I ‘poo-pooed’ in my earlier years.

I used to be a stereotypical ‘Type A’ personality – driven, always filling up my schedule to the max, and honestly not knowing what relaxation really felt like. When yoga was becoming popular and classes were popping up everywhere, I tried yoga but promptly rejected it after trying a few classes.  I remember thinking “I can’t do yoga. I can’t be so still, and it’s just a waste of time.”  I even egotistically thought I was too busy and driven to be doing something so ‘nothing’, and didn’t see the point of it. My favourite pastime was doing high impact aerobic fitness classes.

Two things opened my eyes:  tai chi and my cancer diagnosis.  Tai chi taught me how to be present, feel the energy flowing through my body, and brought me a sense of peace and calm. The cancer diagnosis made time stand still, and made me realize my unhealthy thoughts and habits.

After doing tai chi for awhile, I was ready to try yoga again. I am now able to do yoga AND thoroughly enjoy it.  Yoga and tai chi are forms of meditation – moving meditations – and both bring you a sense of peace, calm and joy (and of course many physical benefits).

Today, I would say I’m a different, new and improved Type A personality – I still care deeply about my work, people and my personal interests, but in a much healthier way.

So if you have never tried yoga, or have tried it and rejected it, I encourage you to give it a try.  If you find it just too slow for you, consider taking a tai chi class because at least you are constantly moving.

Tip #1:  Since yoga classes can be pricey,  an idea is to take some classes so you know you are doing the poses correctly, then use your PVR to record yoga shows off your TV, or get some yoga DVDs from the library.  Generally, yoga classes at community centres are a lot more affordable than yoga studios.

Tip #2:  If you want to buy yoga or meditation supplies, check out Dream Designs online store and use the coupon code from the Discounts section of my blog to get an online discount.

4 thoughts on “The Joy of Yoga

  1. I too have “avoided” yoga for many years with the excuse of “I’m too stiff for Yoga”.
    I’ve recently tried Bikram Yoga and did I love it!!!
    I admit is quite though to be in a hot room sweating buckets but boy does it help my sore back and neck. I’m now doing 2 session a week but want to move to three soon since the benefits are incredible.

  2. As someone that felt the same about Yoga the first time I tried it I soon discovered that there are more than one type. So if Hatha being one of the most common is too slow you can always try one of the faster yoga practices were the movement like Tai Chi are much more fluid and there is less pause. Don’t give up on this practice until you have gone to one of the studios and check out the different types of yoga available. As a person that stands for most of my life doing my kind of work it has been invaluable. I am very aware of my posture all the time now. Three mornings a week I do a half hour workout and like meditation it really makes you present and your mind becomes so uncluttered..

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