Part 3 – When your partner is indifferent to your spiritual journey

The sacred Garden of the Gods

The sacred Garden of the Gods

This is Part 3 in the series ‘Is your partner with you on your spiritual journey?’.  In this post,  let’s specifically discuss ‘when you partner is indifferent to your spiritual journey’.

So if you have or had a partner who looks at your spiritual journey with indifference or apathy, what’s really going on about that?

  • Maybe the situation is that the two of you really haven’t discussed this very much, so you are assuming he/she doesn’t really care.
  • Maybe he/she really doesn’t care!
  • Maybe he/she ‘lets’ you do whatever you please in your journey; perhaps you could even say he/she ‘supports’ you but just doesn’t want to be an active part of it.
  • Does it make you feel that you are less connected with him/her?

I have spoken to a number of people who are in a relationship such as this, and some people really do not care if their partner is along for the journey or not.  However, in these cases, I tend to see that the journey tends to be a bit lonelier, and the motivation to pursue it is somewhat diminished.

Then again, I’ve spoken to some people who already live their lives quite independently from their partner so seeking spiritual growth does not threaten the relationship whatsoever.

For someone whose spiritual journey is very important, I would suggest that having an open conversation with your partner can be very helpful.  Don’t assume that if your partner is indifferent now, that he/she will be indifferent sometime in the future. People change all the time.  I think if someone is not interested but is open-minded, you can slowly introduce ideas and experiences, and you never know what may catch their attention!

Here are some things in my past experience that caught my partner’s attention and helped him ‘open up’:

  • bringing him to a welcoming beginner’s meditation class
  • introducing him to Eckhart Tolle’s ‘A New Earth: Awakening to your life’s purpose‘.  This is SUCH a terrific book, and much better and easier to read than his previous book called ‘The Power of Now‘.  Please note that the person needs to be ready to read this, and if they are not, usually it is tossed aside. This is what initially happened, but then after about a year, I re-introduced it and he saw it with new eyes.
  • introducing him to spiritual people who are down-to-earth, easy and fun to be with, so he could see that spiritual people are not stereotypically ‘woo-woo’ or strange!

At this point, I invite you to share things that you have done to encourage your partner’s interest in spirituality, or how you feel if your partner is not interested. You can leave a comment without using your real name if you so desire.

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