Part 2 – When your partner joins you on your spiritual journey

At the sacred Garden of the Gods, Colorado SpringsAs I had hoped, this topic is an intriguing one, and I love seeing your comments and talking to some of you. 

This is Part 2 in the series ‘Is your partner with you on your spiritual journey?’.  In this post,  let’s specifically discuss ‘when you partner joins you on your spiritual journey’.

This post is specifically about the scenario of when your partner is also on a spiritual path, and you two intentionally are taking actions to learn and grow spiritually.

But what does that look like for you?  For me, before I married my partner I had broached the subject of my beliefs and curiosities because I needed to know where he stood on this. I had discovered that he hadn’t really thought too much about it, seemed somewhat skeptical and rather uninterested, but absolutely respected my beliefs and I could tell his stance would not hold me back, and likely would actually encourage me to explore even if he chose not to.

After we got married, our eyes were opened more with each meaningful event we experienced in our lives, such as the death of a parent, watching world disasters, meeting people who impacted our lives, and my stint with cancer. I received many gifts with my cancer experience, and perhaps one of the most significant was the the joint spiritual acceleration my partner and I experienced together.

As life continues, we encounter various offerings to learn and grow spiritually.  Sometimes we both gravitate to such offerings, and sometimes only one of us does. For example, my partner really resonates with Ken Wilber’s teachings, but for me, Ken’s much too technical and theoretical, so most of it just whizzes over my head. I tend to spend a lot more time than my partner learning & talking to others,  but we both enjoy and receive great benefits from meditation & mindfulness and have gone to many meditation groups together.

I can say with certainty that my spiritual journey is accelerating and more fascinating because I am so fortunate to have a partner who actively encourages me and experiences the journey with full interest right beside me.  Enduring the cancer experience last year together really projected us down the path at full speed; we were fortunate to be introduced to InspireHealth right at the onset of my cancer diagnosis, and they helped us learn how to manage through cancer together.

I know that many couples do not talk about the subject of spirituality. If you haven’t yet, I suggest it is worthwhile doing so, because if you find ways to explore it together, it can enrich your relationship in profound ways.  In today’s society with so many breakups and people living in dead relationships, isn’t it worth exploring what this could do for the two of you?

Keep in mind that cultivating a spiritual journey together is like taking a walk through a maze – you will have dead ends, clear paths, and times where you may walk alone and times you walk together.  In my relationship, I would say it took a few years before the light turned on for both of us together and we intentionally decided to grow together.

At this point, I invite you to share your experiences and thoughts if your partner IS on the spiritual journey with you (current or past partners). You can leave a comment without using your real name if you so desire.

Please click the ‘Comment’ link below to join in on this conversation. I would love to hear from you!

1 thought on “Part 2 – When your partner joins you on your spiritual journey

  1. The past 18months have brought a lot of big losses and changes to my wife and I. The loss of two of my brothers, a aging parent developing dementia and having to be moved into a care facility. We then sold our home and two days later my wife lost her job.
    Through out all of this my faith, my spiritual strength and the shear belief in the us of our relationship got us through. We both handled all of this differently. We are connected in a way I believe that when one doesn’t have enough the other makes up for it and so we balance each other. We have talked more over this past year about how did we manage all of this and how much more can we take. I truly believe that our spiritual believe and the act of stepping back , being quiet and being thoughtful allowed us to come to grips with the ups and downs. We may not be on the same path exactly but at least we meet up when we really need to. We have moved into a wonderful new place and are so thankful that we are both healthy and that we have such wonderful friends in our lives. i practice the whats right in my life meditation every night. It makes you forget the wrongs and I assure you that at the end of each day there is more good in your life than bad.

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