Part 1 – Is your partner with you on your spiritual journey?

At the sacred 'Garden of the Gods'I’d like to discuss a really important and intriguing subject:  Is your partner with you on your spiritual journey?

As this is a very big and meaningful topic, I will break this down into a 5 part series, and I invite you to join in on this conversation by adding your comments.

Spiritual growth is such a deeply personal decision and experience. Every person walks a unique path.  I imagine that most of you who read my blog are in some way already on your spiritual path.  You might be well on your way, or you might just be peeking through a door at the path that intrigues you, or you are not yet sure what it is or what to do about it.

In one of my past serious relationships, I felt a deep but suppressed interest in spirituality, and I didn’t even really know what to call it at the time. I wanted to discuss my curiosity with my partner but based on what I knew about him, I suspected that he would just raise an eyebrow and wonder if I was running a high fever.

In my current relationship, my partner started out years ago rather indifferent and skeptical, but going through my cancer journey last year really opened his eyes to the possibility and benefits of joining me on my spiritual journey.

Personally, I feel that if your partner intentionally decides to grow with you spiritually, it enriches and accelerates your growth, and deepens your relationship.  After all, partnerships do need long term visions in order to sustain and be fulfilling.

How did I broach the subject in my serious relationships? Here are some ways I did:

  • I started off with a discussion on whether or not we each believed in reincarnation.  Whether you believe in reincarnation or not isn’t the point here, I’m just pointing out this is how I started opened up a spiritual-type conversation.
  • When we experienced a death of a friend or loved one, or heard that someone was very ill, we would remember how short life really is.  This was a window of opportunity to talk about what we thought our life’s purpose might be.

So have you truly talked specifically to your partner about exploring your spiritual growth together, or have you just talked about various topics here and there, but not made the big jump in raising the question of deciding to journey together?

  • Have you talked about what it means to grow spiritually together?
  • What life means to you?
  • Living life with self-awareness, intention and meaning?
  • What it means to your relationship to journey together or separately?

I invite you to share how you have broached this subject with your partner, or how you have not as yet (current or past partners).  As this can be a very tricky subject, I would love to hear about your experiences, or you can describe the challenges you are currently having.

Please click the ‘Comment’ link below to join in on this conversation!

5 thoughts on “Part 1 – Is your partner with you on your spiritual journey?

  1. I met my sweetheart through an online dating site three years ago. We had both posted information on our beliefs and spirituality, on what we wanted (and didn’t want) from a relationship and from life in general. So right from the start, we knew exactly what we were getting into – that we both wanted the same things and were on similar paths. I think that I spend more time thinking about these issues and practicing mindfulness, present moment awareness, meditation and such, but we are very much of the same mind. This is the first relationship I have been in, in which we both have similar beliefs and I am 43.

  2. I was on my spiritual journey well before I got married…so as my husband and I got to know each other he became very aware of my connection to spirit… I explained that I needed quiet time a couple of times each day and that he was welcome to join me or not. He chose not to but he respected my time…we are still not on the same path…but he is very much into nature and solitude he goes on a trip 2 times a year and finds his time of quiet there or in his garden when he is working so close with Mother Earth, so in his own way he finds his place…his growth has been very big in this past few years. My growth just keeps expanding as well, and because I am so open I talk always on things that are happening or different ways I am looking at things adapting new thought and new ways of being…he doesn’t leap in he takes it away with him, and somewhere in it all we balance things out and adjust accordingly… he has shown or is showing me how to find peace, nirvana, enlightenment even though we are married, and not doing this together…yet not separate either. He and I have found my growth difficult at times, but he has always known of my huge committment to Source/my creator/myGod to serve Him/Her no matter what else happens.
    So i guess I was straight up front with him…we spoke about our needs…. Its now 34 years together so it works.

  3. I feel that i am definitely more involve with my spiritual practices than my wife. In saying this I also believe that each of us has a purpose in life and that path led me to her. We have been married for 26 years and my calmness and contentment in life helps her life not be so chaotic. Even though she may not be as spiritual she benefits from my path as a healer of sorts. I think that she is just still finding her footing and after all patience is something I feel we need more of. i obviously am willing to see her through her journey.

  4. I’ve actually done my spiritual journey without a partner. Made me sad for a long time but I’ve come to see the blessing in having the freedom to journey at my own pace and in my own way. I’ve watched a lot of people over the years lose their journey altogether by having a partner who wasn’t interested or who was actively resistant. Every time I see a journey-er partner up with someone who’s not on the journey I wonder why they want to sabotage progress because it appears to be nearly impossible to move forward on the journey when tethered to someone who’s not supporting it. Just my observation.

    • Thanks for the insightful comment :o) As I read your comments, I think it made me realize that a previous relationship I broke out of was likely due to the other person being passively resistant, and I just knew that my journey was something I had to do. I see you are from Kentucky – cool!

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