Do you talk about your spirituality? Take a poll now…

Here’s an opportunity to vote anonymously (or feel free to add a Comment beneath the poll too!).  An intriguing question . . . personally I tend to sense whether someone would be interested or open to a discussion on spirituality before I decide to engage in such conversation.  How about you?

2 thoughts on “Do you talk about your spirituality? Take a poll now…

  1. I find that with most of the friends, family and co-workers I speak to the subject just never comes up, but if it did, I would be perfectly comfortable talking about it. But I have to really careful and here is why: personally, I don’t believe in or subscribe to any particular religion and I am a scientific rationalist, so unless I see or experience direct evidence for something, I place it in the realm of the hypothetical. It could be true in whole or in part, but it might not be. Who knows? That said, I have had some very profound experiences that I would consider spiritual and I am very interested in the spiritual dimension of human existence. Ekhart Tolle’s The Power of Now was the first time I had really seen a clear example of a real, meaningful spiritual practice without any religion at all. I think that you can be spiritual without a faith in anything. You can be a complete atheist and still have a spiritual practice. I am an agnostic – I don’t claim to know what the afterlife or the divine is, in fact, if there is an afterlife and a divine entity, it is probably as far beyond my comprehension as quantum physics is to a parrot. So I just let that go. It doesn’t matter to me. If there is an afterlife, I’ll see it when I see it. If there isn’t, then I won’t, and I am really comfortable with that stance. None of the other animals in nature worry about these issues any more than I do. I also recognize that talking like this can make some people very upset, so that is why I feel that I have to be careful. I never broach these subjects unless someone else does, and I am completely accepting of what others believe (or don’t).

  2. It depends….my spiritual beliefs have changed pretty dramatically over the last few years. In an effort to protect the hearts of dear friends I am very careful not to ‘go there’ with them. However, those that are open or on a similar path…I will gladly share with.

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