Monkey Mind – a tip about worrying

Taming 'Bodi', the Monkey mind

Taming 'Bodi', the Monkey mind

The most popular part of my blog certainly seems to be anything meditation-related, including my meditation recordings. I’ve had lots of requests to make more recordings, so I will be doing this.

A very popular post was the one called “Keeping Your Monkey Mind in Check” and people sure like the monkey!  This monkey clings to my refrigerator to remind me of my monkey mind. I offer him to you to be your friendly reminder too.  I’ve had him for 16 years and his name is ‘Bodi’.   That post’s tip was this:  Stop yourself, be present, and ask yourself this one question “Do I need to be thinking about this right now?”. 

I have another favourite tip I’d like to share with you:  

“If you can’t change it, don’t worry. If you can change it, don’t worry.”

It’s a good one, isn’t it?  Basically, the message is don’t worry!  Go ahead and problem-solve, make your decisions, then release the worry.  Gift yourself with some peace of mind, you deserve it.

3 thoughts on “Monkey Mind – a tip about worrying

  1. I like that too. People worry too much about too much. Often they personalise issues that don’t have to do with them personally but they still take it to heart which generates more anxiety and worry. Don’t worry! Stay calm, things will work out.

    – Ermisenda

  2. Wendy, I go to Denise Richard, a Qi Gong teacher therapist, Fires of compassion, she has me do a mantra first and then scan into my body, I can now meditate for the first real time alone, it is so much easier in a group. Really look forward to your messages. thx al

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