Repelling negativity with a mirror

We all encounter people who throw negativity around.  But does that negativity affect you?  People have asked me what they can do to repel such negativity and not ‘take it upon themselves’.

When I talk to people about such encounters, first we talk about being aware of how you are feeling. Reflect on how the negativity is affecting you. Are you taking on that negative energy?  Do you feel worse after such an encounter?  Are you feeling like you have a responsibility to share the negativity? If you want a tip on how to repel someone’s negativity in the moment, I’ve got a great one that I think you’ll like.

The next time someone starts to project negativity at you, pretend you are holding up a big mirror in front of you. The mirror is facing the other person, so their negativity is deflected away from you.  It’s an interesting little action that will make you feel protected. The negative energy gets repelled.

Have a little fun withMirrors it – pick any style of mirror you want to use!

Realize that everyone is responsible for their own experiences, so if someone is upset or angry, you do not need to take this on. You can choose to allow them to vent (or not) and provide them with perspective.

Give this a try. Leave me a comment to let me know if this helps you!

2 thoughts on “Repelling negativity with a mirror

  1. I like your thoughts behind repelling negativity with a mirror. Thank you for sharing them. I’d like to share my point of view on dealing with negativity, if I may?

    Just for the record, I am my own worst enemy when it comes to negativity. It’s hard to repel when it’s starts internally, but I am working hard to find ways of dealing with that, and am slowly but surely making progress…..

    As for negativity from outside sources, I try to take the “water off a ducks back” as well as “transforming negativity through thought and learning” approach. Negativity is thrown at us from some many areas these days, friends, family, tv, social media and the list goes on…. However, we cannot hide from these parts of lives, nor can or should we hide or run from the negativity. We have to deal with it head-on, as you say “repel it” or as I do, let it run off of us without letting it sink in. The approaches I use work differently in each case. For instance, if I am with someone who is just being negative in general about their job, life, the guy who took their parking spot at the mall, etc. I will listen to what they have to say, but inside I am looking at events in my life and am reflecting on the good things that have happened or are happening. By staying positive inside and thinking about positive things, I tend to be able to maintain a positive attitude in this type of situation. Not sure if that’s reflecting or deflecting…. Bouncing back or redirecting…. Water off a ducks back…

    Now then, real life example here. I have been helping good friend who has gone through a break-up. Quite often in a break-up one person struggles more than the other, as one of them is not as prepared for it, compared to the other. These are probably the hardest to deal with because you are vulnerable right from the start. Why is that? As you offer yourself to your friend, to be there for them and listen to their hurt, you open yourself up and can easily expose yourself to any negativity and it can creep in so easily. As my friend is throwing out the negativity that they feel has been created by the break-up, I try and work with my friend to find any good in the situation. Maybe it’s not that there is good in the break-up itself, but can they look back to a point in the relationship that they could have done something different to maybe change the end result? Now, they can’t dwell on what they could have done differently, but moving forward, can they use that in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

    This type of situation can be so draining and can take so long, but in the end, if the other person can start to see that there is positives in even the worst situation, the rewards are unbelievable. This is the transformation of negative into positive.

    Thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you and your readers.

  2. It’s difficult being around negative people, but what I always try to do is help them find the positives in every situation. And even if there are no positives, it’s comforting to know that nothing remains static and that time changes everything…eventually.

    I recently read something about the power of positive thoughts–humans are made up of energy, and through our positive thoughts, we emit positive energy. This energy can be passed on to those with whom we come into contact. Knowing this, we can all make a positive difference in the world in which we live. You don’t need to volunteer your time, donate money, or run for political office…simply think positive thoughts and emit positive energy…the more people you can touch or influence in a positive way, the more good and positive energy they can spread to those around them.

    Have you ever noticed that most people who are happy-go-lucky seem to be very lucky (hence the namesake)? When you have a positive attitude, you also attract positive things, situations, or outcomes. I truly believe this is how the universe works.

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