Creating a future without breast cancer – “Run for the Cure”

'Run for the Cure' start line

Today was a highlight of the year for me and my friends – we did the ‘CIBC Run for the Cure’ which is a large fundraiser that occurs across Canada to create a future without breast cancer.

Signs we wore on our t-shirts - who we are running/walking for

Signs we wore on our t-shirts - who we are running/walking for

This was my second year participating, and although I don’t run it, I walk amongst a community of caring people.  It is a 5km course and the energy is heart-warming. Everyone wears the same t-shirt and many people wear signs to show who they are running for. Interestingly, my friends who have participated in other runs, like the Vancouver Sun Run, say the atmosphere of this event is very different – a community feel of love and support, not one of competition or anxiousness.

new BC Place stadium with retractable roof, just opened 2 days ago.

Here’s what the Run raised last year:  2010 was a record-breaking year! At British Columbia’s nine Run sites, some 22,000 participants contributed to a provincial fundraising total of $3.6 million. Across Canada, participants at 60 Run sites raised a total of $33 million. Vancouver alone raised $1.7 million!

Today I heard about two women who were diagnosed with breast cancer while pregnant – can you imagine dealing with a new baby and starting cancer treatment at the same time?  Both these women are very positive and strong people, and are doing great now.

Friends have said to me “I don’t know how I would react if I got a cancer diagnosis. Just thinking about it scares me. I really don’t think I could handle it.”  This is what I tell them:  “If you had to face it, you would be able to. You would find the inner strength to get through it.”  I was stronger than I thought I would be – let me tell you!  Many gifts come with the journey.

1 thought on “Creating a future without breast cancer – “Run for the Cure”

  1. Awe, I love this blog. I was supposed to run for the American Diabetes Association in a few weeks, but I just got out of the hospital from a sudden surgery. My parents have also been huge Race for the Cure Susan G. Koman supporters.

    You have such a great attitude. I would be honored to get to know you, please stop by our blog.

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