Review: ‘The Help’ movie and book

If you haven’t read the book or seen this movie called The Help, don’t miss out.  It’s about the life of black maids and is set in the 1960’s in Mississippi, and a secret writing project that puts them all at risk.  It’s really about how groundbreaking societal change can happen – I love the tagline for the movie “Change begins with a whisper”.  We all should practice humility – because everyone has a story.  We shouldn’t judge each other so harshly because we don’t know why people do the things they do, and who’s to say what’s right or wrong anyway??

A close friend of mine lived as a young boy in Mississippi in the 1960’s and said this depiction is pretty accurate. Being so young, he had just thought that’s the way people were supposed to be treated but of course was appalled when he grew older.

When I first read the book, in all honesty, I found the first chapter was a difficult read because of the language style used, but I got used to it, and it’s definitely worth reading.

The song at the end of the movie is lovely, and I’m embarrassed to say I thought it was Michael Jackson singing it – I thought maybe they had used a song never previously released. But it’s not Michael Jackson singing, it’s Mary J Blige!  So when you watch the credits at the end of the movie, see if you think it sounds like Michael Jackson!

3 thoughts on “Review: ‘The Help’ movie and book

  1. Ha, I just finished watching the thing a few minutes ago and immediately afterward went to the computer to google: “song at end movie” – “The help” – “Michael Jackson” to check and see if it was my imagination or if that voice really did sound like his (Jackson’s). I’m glad to learn I wasn’t the only one who thought the voice resembled his.

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